Footsteps in the sand
I imagine there might come a day when I will look back at the steps I have taken in life, and they will look different to the steps taken by others. Will I laugh, cry, cringe, regret? Maybe, but what I must always remember is that the tide will come along and wash my footsteps […]
Frozen in time
Do you ever feel like you are stuck? Completely frozen in time and space. Feeling stuck can render us powerless, unable to do anything about the situation we find ourselves in. Fears, doubts, lack of belief, lack of worth, limiting thoughts, self sabotage... just a few of the things we can experience from time to […]
Vitamin N
Do you use nature to support you, inform you, guide you? Do you offload onto nature? Does the sea call to you more loudly than the forest? Is it the sun, the moon or the stars that takes your breath away? Nature has an offering for everyone, it is a great healer.
When you share your thoughts…
(Image and quote taken from the Motivation app). When we share things about ourselves not only is being heard important but also knowing that what you have shared will be held. The right listener will know whether the 'trees' need to be told. Trust is an important underpinning of counselling to know that what you […]

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